I have enjoyed attending this event some years now. As avid collector of presidential books, newspapers, and other rare items, I really look forward to each new event.

Gary S

About Us

Beginning in 1970, Great Eastern Productions launched a general antique show in Allentown and it was met with much enthusiasm.  Ten years later, the show transitioned into a Book, Paper and Advertising Show. The first year was met with such tremendous interest and attendance that a second show was added during the calendar year.  Today, three shows are presented each year.

For 42 years, Joyce Heilman, founder, managed the shows and took great pride in the vendors GEP has presented, as well as in the number of collectors who attend and the many members of the public who have discovered the beauty of these very special collectibles.

Mrs. Heilman retired last year and “passed the baton” to local marketing professional and Paper Show fan Sean Klutinoty.

Sean continues the legacy Mrs. Heilman began to promote the shows and strive to ensure that each show will be top-notch and offer a high-quality experience for the attendees, as well as for the presenting vendors. Our goal continues to be that every customer who walks into Ag Hall will be treated with warmth and courtesy and enjoy this very unique and special experience.

We place high value on the education of our customers and encourage the dealers to invest time in educating new and future purchasers. We hear many comments like, “I’ve learned so much just talking to these dealers! I’m more excited than ever to continue my hobby!”

Our antique professionals scour the country (and some international sites) for the most fascinating, treasured pieces to display at our shows.  Join us for the thrill of discovery at the next Allentown Paper Show!